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I know it's a little early but seeing as this week we saw lots of gaming news at E3, I thought I'd start a thread for the next iteration of Hero games. Over at Digital Spy (see here: Gaming - News - Preview: 'Guitar Hero 5' & 'DJ Hero' - Digital Spy ), I saw this article which gives out a lot of info about the forthcoming GH5 and DJH games which are being released later this year (I'm guessing around October/November time). It was good to see that they're making a lot of improvements for GH5 but I was slightly annoyed to see that yet again they're going to be bringing out new instruments for the game. Now I know that it will be backwards-compatible with the current GH instruments but a year after GHWT was released we may have to fork out another £150 for some more peripherals?? This is ridiculous! From what I've read, it does seem like the new guitar will have improved functionality and shiny shiny bits added on and no doubt if they do another drum set it will be much better than the current one (I have to say I thought GHWT's drum kit was appallingly cheap and tacky and prone to falling apart/not working altogether...and don't get me started on the whole sensitivity issue of the pads!), but come on, why do we have to fork out an absolute fortune yeard after year for new instruments?? Why can't they just do it once every couple of years, it's starting to wind up like the Fifa franchise where nearly every game is basically the same as the last but with new bells and whistles added on.

As far as DJ Hero is concerned I think the turntable thing looks quite poor. It's very Fisher Price in the looks department and I believe there's a mock-mixer thing that add's on to it as well so who knows what that will look like.

I'm sure the games themselves will be very good and will certainly give RB a run for it's money but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Ok, rant over!

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