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Reviewed by Mark Botwright, 3rd December 2011.
Guilty of Romance is a tangled mess of a film, which starts out as a possibly thoughtful piece about the roles of the female middle class in Japan, set against a mystery background, and descends into madness, from studied (yet laboriously obvious) exploration to lurid exploitation. It flings itself foursquare at questions about sexual liberation but only glances off any meaningful points, careering headlong into a murky mess of insanity and preposterous, positively pretentious wordplay. Literary references don't suddenly make a plot intelligent and the poetry becomes repeated to the point you may question your own sanity, until the inference is made that it may finally have meaning, but it doesn't. Aiming for resonance, but hitting annoyance.

The Region B locked disc is functional, but rarely sways from the middle ground of being adequate. The image is capable but can be washed out, whilst the audio is crisp and clear for the vast majority, but the score fails to make an impact in the manner it should. The extras are low in number, but the frankly extensive nigh-on forty minute interview with the lead actress and the commentary should give enough meat for fans to get their teeth into.

Guilty of Romance is as confused as its characters, and ultimately has even less to actually say.

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