Guild War's Special Edition £9.99 Bargain

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    • Join quests with friends to fight fantastic monsters, or engage in epic guild battles.
    • Develop a richly personalized character that can explore multiple professions and hundreds of unique skills.
    • Build your character in a world that rewards your gaming skill, not hours.
    • Play Guild Wars FREE in a secure server-hosted game environment that restricts cheating.
    • In Guild Wars, friends will always be able play together because the world is not split into shards or realms.
    • Enjoy fully integrated support for guilds, including in-game guildhalls, forums and worldwide tournaments and ladders.
    • Experience streaming technology, which seamlessly provides new features and supports the quick resolution of exploits.

    Special Edition Features:

    72 Page Art of Guild Wars vol. 2 Book
    30 min Exclusive Music CD
    Map of Tyria
    Code for unlocking skills, plus Weapon Or Armour upgrades
    Combined Manual and Story Book
    SE Key (limited in game skill and item unlocks)

    Game are doing this cracking game for 9.99/11.49 just a heads up as its around £25 elsewhere the special edition comes packed with all sorts of goodies excellent game well worth the £10 i ordered mine about a week a go really worth it :) .

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