Guild Wars Prophesies: Professions Question.


I now see I can only have 4 characters and there is 6 to play, can you choose one and then later delete it or are you stuck with what you choose originally?

How much is it to buy extra characters?

And which chars would you recommend

Seth Gecko

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Hello from your friendly neighbourhood GW player :)

4 slots are indeed available, with the online store you can buy more. If you buy Factions you get 2 more - but then you have 8 classes. You can register Factions with another email address, which would give you 8 slots, but keep in mind you can't take your Tyrian (Prophecies) characters across to Cantha (Factions) or vice versa.

You can delete them if you want to, or you can just buy more slots.

Don't forget you have primary and secondary classes, so you gain most of the abilities of the second class.

Monks are hugely popular, Necromancers are arguably the trickiest to master. Most people would pick either an Elementalist or a Warrior to start off with.

Primarily it's important to know your role in a party - Warriors are the frontline, Ele's have fire power (literally), Monks and Necros are very good support.

Try a Warrior/Monk combo initially - keep in mind that much later in the game, you can change your secondary profession to something else, should you want to.
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