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4 years ago when my films were just on a few memory sticks that my TV could read from, I took advice from this forum then went with a WDTV + external drive to handle a proper collection. I just wanted a library with a cover-shot based interface, and with its auto-scrape ability the WDTV was a great little unfussy player!

I now have much more content: movies and TV, stand-ups and music videos, plus music and other audio. I wanted to move to current/improved technology so have chosen a Zappiti Mini 4K HDR. Despite the greater relative cost, with all options lined up it was a simple decision for me based on the strong positives from people here with wide and valued experience.

It just arrived, and I have yet to hook everything up but have connected it to the TV and internet (wireless) to check it is functioning, and also stepped through the initial setup routines ... and I am impressed, both by the "quality" feel and also by it's straightforwardness - so far!

I have a couple of basic questions, really just gaps in my awareness given the lack of a Manual beforehand and the apparent lack of interest in responding to queries by Zap itself - which whilst being the one fairly significant concern I do have, I understand is just "how they are".

So if someone would kindly respond/advise on the following from their deeper knowledge and experience I would be very grateful.

1 - With the WDTV my films are now on 2 external drives. On setup it automatically saw them both, scraped them in a combined single operation, and built a library with covers, synopses, etc. When I add new films (remove the drive, usb to PC, transfer ripped or downloaded files, reconnect to WDTV) it automatically sees the additions and heads off to find the new sheets etc and updates the library.

a) Does the Zappiti do much the same, automatically recognise/combine from more than a single connected drive? ... (I have read various remarks about a second drive not being recognised, though I think often that was down to the formatting. I am aware that certain drives are not recommended, though I think that applies just to internals for the boxes with bays. My externals are identical, powered, Seagate Expansions.)

b) Is the Zappiti's scrape an automatic process on finding connected content/additions, or is it a manual operation? ... (Perhaps some options need to be selected first, for example? I expect I could find out by hooking everything up and see what happens, however I'd prefer to know beforehand what to expect.)

ALSO, I have all the WDTV-scraped sheets etc of course, are these Zappiti-friendly? ... (But Zappiti's presentation of library content probably differs in layout etc anyway, and I would prefer to have continuity throughout rather than have the presentation chopping and changing for different films. Is that a valid line of thought?)

2 - Filenaming: With the WDTV, file naming needs ideally to be just the name of the film. I've found that including something else, even a simple release date, can throw it off.

c) What is Zappiti's filenaming requirement, and is there any flexibility? (Hoping to avoid potentially a lot of initial renaming.)

3 - Folder Structure: With the WDTV, in order to be seen for library/scraping purposes files have to be in the root of the drive not in folders - or at least, I could never find a way of making it work other-wise.

d) Same for Zappiti? Or can it handle/differentiate folders on the storage drive/s? ... (I am aware that Zappiti lets you create interface-folders of your own categories and then populate them to suit, however I am unclear whether the stored files initially need all to be in what is effectively one single folder - the drive/s! - or if Z's greater sophistication (?) can handle separated stored content.)

e) Still on folder structure, now that I have some TV content how does Zappiti want Series treated? ... (Example: I have all Star Trek output, each in its own folder (Orig Series, 2nd Gen, DS9, Voyager etc) with subfolders for Series One, Two, Three etc. containing "S01E01, S01E02" and so on. Is that an OK structure for Zappiti? ...

... And also, can it scrape for episodes from that structure by implication, or do I need to add the programme name and make them eg. "Star Trek Original Series S01E01" or "Star Trek Deep Space 9 S03E07"? If so, thank goodness for Bulk File Renamer!)

Any help with these basics would be much appreciated or pointers to what you found was best, and as the WDTV was no real problem to get right for my simple purposes and then a breeze to use, in the words of the venerable Fred Flintstone I now just want a happy Zappy too!



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Thank you Mtenga, that looks like an excellent resource and I'll work my way through it.

I note that the linked page is a part of the Zappiti website that I haven't come across even though I thought I had explored everywhere *blush* ... it was the kind of info section that I had expected to be around there somewhere but managed to miss.

Thanks again, and also for your many useful comments in other threads that steered me when making my move-up choice from WDTV. Much appreciated!


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Not at all, you are welcome. It’s really easy and versatile as a media center. All of what you are asking is easily doable.

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