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There have recently been ads on tv for a new tv with rgb + yellow , they are saying the colours are better than rgb tv's ?

When an rgb tv is ISF calibrated is there a lack of yellow ?

Or is it because shop mode tv's are rich in contrast and blue that the extra yellow makes them look more realistic ?

any thoughts



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It's my understanding (which could of course be wrong) that as the broadcast is based on the RGB colour system (including the yellow) a perfectly setup and performing RGB based system would already be producing the picutre exactly as intended (including yellow) and thus adding a seperate yellow pixel source would achieve nothing. Indeed it might make things worse, because you have added something not expected to be present and any conversions may actually be modifiying the picture.

That said what TV is actually perfectly setup or performing, nothing is ever really perfect so it is at least possible that generating the picture with a 4 colour source might produce an improvement but I won't be rushing out to buy one.


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Sorry, broadcast video is transmitted as YPbRc, that why component signals are arranged that way.
HDMI can use YPrPb or RGB colourspaces.
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