Guess what I found Host Diagnostic Menu to all 2019 & 2020 SM & OLED MODELS


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Hey guys guess what I found by sheer chance... I was watching a YouTube video just browsing on one of the channals I subscribe to I will drop the link below and this guy found out secret LG Host Diagnostic pages.

I'll post the pictures up this works on all.

Get to programs then highlight and leave on "programs tuning & Settings..

Then in succession press on the magic remote 11111

This will not let you alter any items like the internal Engineer service menus but it will give you absolute tons of information on about everything.

It works on freeview and works with all HDMI contented devices see menus.

I own a 2019 55SM8600.

Shout out to @Clem_Dye this maybe use full to you buddy 👍.

Here is the channal to where I found this.. Oddly enough I was not looking for it either I was just intresting on what he was reporting. I had been subscribed to channal for a few years now anyhow.

Their is a app you can download on the Amazon 4K Firestick todo a similar thing but this is way way better. :thumbsup:

Great find I think.



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This is not news, I knew this 6 months ago :)


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@Inferno That's great news for you anyhow but theirs rather a lot of people out their that definitely won't no this and that included me.

I found out about it off here somewhere, am not being an ass I thought a lot of people would have found it here too as I did.


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Yup, also works on 2016 models;)

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