Guess what fell off Santas Sleigh ?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by tiberious, Dec 19, 2000.

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    I must have been a good boy this year,`cos I`ve got a Seleco HT200 to play with for a few weeks !!.

    A friend from the US is staying over XMAS , and brought it with them to show their home movies on !! (had nothing to do with me recommending it to them, or suggesting I could show them how to use it properly !).

    Anyway, it shows just how easy this tiger is to transport, because they carried it onto the plane as hand luggage !!.

    Anyway , the HT room is still being built so we are projecting onto the Lounge wall (14ft throw ,6 ft picture) - and it is great (even with "wild peach" paint on the wall !!).

    This will really allow me to see if it is infatuation - or real love !!.To live with it for 3 weeks , under less than optimal conditions, will tell me if I will be happy long term - we shall see !.

    So far, it`s` great. Small,light, dead easy to use.Colours are great - oh and if you like your movies with plenty of blood and guts - check out the reds on this projector !!.

    There are some great threads on AVS Forum on this projector - check out the DLP forum and the AV improvement forum, where Alan Roser (owl - distributers for seleco)has been the guest for the last week answering questions .

    I am a little closer to the screen than I would normally be, so I can see a little pixillation, but I think the HT200 plus the new Panomorph anomorphic lens (which will give you 30% more resolution and brightness - as good or better than the Resolution of the HT250 when it arrives) will be an outstanding combination.

    Merry xmas everyone
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    Jul 6, 2001
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    tiberious,yes i agree with all that potability convenience stuff-but as i stated in an earlier thread,your paying a heck of a premium as an early adopter-and a heck of a lot for a pretty case!!!...yes its easy to use,has a pretty good picture...BUT...hold fire on the purchase,i know you cannot go for crt but wait a few months and you`ll get the quality of the seleco for 3k less.

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