Guardians of the Galaxy 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Just ordered this, probably my favourite Marvel film.
Great to hear that the 4K upgrade doesn't disappoint. :)


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Yep pre-ordered this. Thanks for the review Cas. I do wish they’d open up the frame for the IMAX sequences on the 4K discs as they’re so superb on the 3D releases, but otherwise looking forward to watching this again in 4K. Probably my favourite of the Marvel MCU films to be honest, love it!


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Thanks Cas. Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2 is a stunning HDR disc. But I watched this disc a few months back and I was very disappointed. I'll take your word for it that it is an improvement over the Blu Ray, but if it is, then it's marginal at best. This was going to be a no brainer full price buy for me. Now I will just wait to get it on discount at some point. The audio isn't particularly great either, I agree it sounds somehow compressed. I just hope the physical disc sounds at least a little better.
5/10 for the disc.


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thanks cas,guardians and ant man steels should be here tomorrow,looking forward to re watching the whole lot.:D


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This is still one of my favourite MCU movies and probably in my top 10 of all movies. The music and humour do it for me.


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Thanks for the Review, Cas. I Have the Blu-ray, like Coulson I will wait for a Discount or an Ebay sell.


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Very glad that GOTG and Ant-Man are now available on 4k disc in the UK. I bought them both from Scandinavia in January. At least we can all own every released MCU film on disc now if we desire. We probably won't see the next Marvel film, Black Widow, on UHD until next year. If it hopefully comes out in cinemas in August or September (fingers crossed that cinemas are able to open again by then), we'll probably see a home media release in the USA in November or December. Then it will be sometime in January or February when that nincompoop who decides the home media release schedule for the UK decides to release it here.


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I’ve decided to blast through the whole MCU films again.

I watched Iron Man 1 on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to getting to this one.

It‘ll be on Bluray alas, but that’s good enough for now.

A wonderful, daft and worthy film.


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The collection is now complete. It's been a crazy ride lol. Wish the spines matched but alas apparantly that is too much of a challenge.
Nice collection :
My must buys for film AND audio/video would be:
Avengers/Infinity War
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Cap America Civil War/Winter Soldier
Spiderman Homecoming/Far from home
Antman and Wasp
Dr Strange (3D)

That's a short list because for me personally the audio/video for some isn't as it should be.
Otherwise the list would look more like:
Avengers/Infinity War/Endgame
Black Panther
Guardians of the Galaxy 1/2
Cap America First Avenger/Civil War
Spiderman Homecoming/Far from home
Thor Ragnarok
Dr Strange
Iron Man 1/2 (3 if I'm pushed)

I still can't believe that they put Endgame on a 66GB disc! Plus I'm think that at some point there will be an IMAX Enhanced version which hopefully will have better audio.

Cas in his review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 said:
Disney and Marvel make their long and eagerly awaited debut on the new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray format with an excellent Ultra HD Blu-ray release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which sports stunning video and audio, as well as a decent selection of extras. If this is the way of the future, then bring on the rest of the Marvel back-catalogue, not to mention all of Disney's other franchises.
It's a shame that not many Disney discs have reached those heights again.
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still holds up as everything people said it was, and more. Not only is it full of creative designs and starscapes, it boasts a script packed with great lines and throwaway gags.


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I agree.

Oddly it was the least likely to be any good I thought before it came out.

I wasn’t a fan of Chris thingy and I thought the idea of a talking tree and a chattering ferret (or something) with anger issues, seemed like an awful idea.

But it turned out to be a superbly scripted and filmed, and arguably the best in the MCU for exuberant entertainment.

First class.
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