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GTX680 HDMI Audio


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I wonder if anyone out there can help me.

I have just bought a new PC with an GTX680 graphics card in it and want to pass the audio through to my Onkyo TX-SR875, untouched so the amp can do the decoding (As well as pass through the picture).
The PC has a Bluray drive and I am using PowerDVD.

I do not have an additional sound card in the machine just the built in 7.1 digital. I can get Dolby digital and DTS on this via optical but no good for HD sound formats.

I have trawled forums for about 2 weeks now and have seen solutions that work for some people, such as telling the graphics card to output in stereo, but nothing works for me, my display just shows I have multichannel audio.

I know it is possible as other people are doing it so, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me in layman terms how I can do this.
I even tried contacting Chillblast, who I bought the machine from who told me they did not know.
Nvidia UK do not seem to have a contact option anywhere on their site or phone number so cannot speak to them either.

I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can solve my dilemma !


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You should just be able to select hdmi audio as the output on the pc, then set the speakers to 5.1 or 7.1 etc...

In Powerdvd, you just select the non decoded high def audio output option.


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Many thanks for that tvmcp.
I overlooked that option in PowerDVD so I have that working fine for my Blurays but as I do not like the player, for my other films I have on my hard-drives, I prefer to use Windows Media player or Windows Media Player Classic. I have all the codecs loaded.
I cannot get the amp to show its Dolby Digital etc on its display, it just says multichannel. Its fine through the onboard digital sound via optical but I only want to have one cable, HDMI, from my pc to my amp.

GTX680 options
Setup digital Audio:
DVI: No audio capable display available
HDMI: Onkyo Corporation TX-SR875
Display port: No audio capable display available

In playback options it shows:
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
Default device
I have also configured it to be 7.1 surround, there does not appear to be an option for direct through I can see.


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Thought I had better add that this is not just DVD's but also PC games that I know if fed directly, my amp can convert to dolby digital, such as Bioshock Infinite.


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I don't use windows media player, so can't help with that.

I tend to use XBMC to play everything on my media PC, it works very well with the hd audio and has a good front end.

I was planning on moving my desktop into the living room to try gaming on my TV through my Onkyo, I have a GTX560ti, so the settings should be the same for the audio output.

Once I get a chance, I'll have a play and see if it works and how.

I'll load up Bioshock Infinite as check it with that.


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So all you've done is connect an HDMI lead to the back of your motherboard and your amp? Have you gone into Control Panel/Hardware & Sound/Sound and told it how many speakers you have? You should be able to click on the HDMI output and configure it, also check properties and it'll say what formats it supports. You should see True HD etc in the list. Feel free to upload a screenshot.

For games, if you have it configured properly then your amp will show multichannel PCM (or similar). Doubtful that you'll get DD or DTS as that involves converting lossless to lossy, no point.

For Blu-rays, you need to ensure your playback software isn't decoding the sound. Should be an obvious setting somewhere.

I've got a GT440 and it took 5 seconds to get this all working fine :)


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Thank you richardb70.

I have my HDMI directly from my graphics card to my amplifier.

After fiddling for hours in my player I eventually came across a setting which controlled the HDMI out and I now have Digital sound from my DVD's etc.

With regards to the game settings I was unaware that I have the correct setting already as I thought a lot of the newer PC games did actually pass through the audio directly which, in turn, could be decoded by whatever it is being fed to.
I was just expecting to see Dolgby Digital on my display.

Thanks again

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