GTX 670 vs HD7950 vs GTX 760, I need to upgrade


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So basically I have recently built a new PC but have yet to upgrade the GPU. Specs as follows

i5 3570k
Asrock z77 extreme4
8gb Patriot 1600mhz
ocz vertex 3 120gb
wd green 1tb
gtx 460

All im requiring is that I no longer need to use a console. I want to be able to comfortably handle most new games at highest settings with REASONABLE fps. As in, I dont mind if its 40fps average for example, to me thats playable.

Its a toss up between the 670, 7950 and 760 but really dont know which way to go. Help appreciated, thanks


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1080p? I'd pick up a R9 280 (non X), this is essentially a 7950.

I currently have a 760 and love it but I'm not sure how DX12 and future games (with regards to memory usage) will pan out.


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Thanks for the reply. Yeah it would be on 1080p. I have looked into the 280 but for what I need it just wouldnt be worth the price. I would likely get the gpu second hand aswell...


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i would get a 7950 over the 280, cheaper and same performance. also the new mantle stuff ati are offering looks good. managed to pick up a second hand 7950 for £130 with warranty on it.


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I have just ordered a XFX Radeon R7 260X Graphics Card 2GB for £100 that is the best value i thiunk at the moment for gaming.

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