GTA4 no punctuation review


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yeah, if he knew anything about the ps3 then he would have known 'How To Solve A Problem Like The SixAxis' lol


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never seen a zero punctuation review but loved it. gonna be watching more of these, very good :thumbsup:.


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*******' hilarious and so true! I didn't like San Andreas as much as previous incarnations as I thought it had got too serious. I have only just startd GTA IV but I gave up on it pretty quickly (for now) as it was simply too dark on my projector. I thought it must be my settings but alas no, my mate has said the same about his projector setup and he's gone back to his LCD. I only have a CRT so it will be non-HD if I do carry on. Shame but I'm not mucking around with my calibration just to do this game. Brilliant game though.

Thanks for sharing the link/review. :thumbsup:


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The first review which I've truly agreed with. I hate the social aspect of the game as it's a chore, distracting and very unrewarding (sex with a pixelated woman doesn't cut the mustard). It's also true that the games were more enjoyable when little regard was given to real-world lighting and, to an extent, physics, with cars being able to hurtle down side streets at 80 miles per hour and then pull a perfect handbrake turn around a 90 degree corner.

From my experience of GTA IV, whilst it's I game I still love and really enjoy, it's just not the arcade-like kill-all experience I loved as a GTA I/London/II, Vice City and San Andreas player. It harks back to the dark, gloomy setting of GTA III but factors in a little too many side features to be distracting.


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(sex with a pixelated woman doesn't cut the mustard).

rockstar should send round someone to my house. :smashin::rolleyes: and yeh agree with what you've said, the social aspect is a bit pointless, i like that it leads to say the guns from lj etc, but they need to think off another way to get there.


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I strongly recommend you watch yahtzee's other reviews if you've not already - even if you don't agree with him you've got to admire his honesty. This one's a hell of a lot more entertaining than most of the 'gushing' reviews it's had so far :thumbsup:


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Gotta love Yahtzee... If only there was a better quality download than the one he puts up on iTunes... I'd love to see them go up on the PS store, if only for ironic value :D


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quality review, best one so far:thumbsup: its probably what 99.9% of people really think of the game

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