GTA3 vs Vice City


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I know this is an old game but I have just got a new computer which will run it!

Which is the better, GTA3 or Vice City?

I have found GTA3 for £8.99 and Vice City for £15.99 so money doesn't matter too much




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vice city is the better game. But more than that its a far better conversion and runs much smoother than gta:3 ever did.


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Do it I take it from this James that Vice City doesn't have the problems running that GTA3 had when it first came to the PC ?
I'm looking for a similar type of game now I've got my new graphics card


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Vice City beats GTA3 hands down - awesome soundtrack (if you like 80's music anyway), better vehicles (driving motorbikes, flying planes etc...), loads of missions... go for it!


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Another dumb question here !
Is Vice City a standalone game and not just an addon for GTA3 ? If I buy Vice City I won't need GTA3 will I ?

Greg Hook

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Vice City is a complete game by itself, and is far, far better than GTA3. Runs so much smoother that GTA3.

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