GTA V (xbox one online) not available


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Originally I played GTA V on the XBOX 360 completed it, played a bit online, all good, then my friends wanted to play on the PS4, so I transferred my character from the XBOX 360 to the PS4, all went through OK, character now on the PS4, played online for quite some time but then dropped off as other games took over, boredom etc.... so basically don't play it much on the PS4.

It was cheap for the XBOX One version a while back, so my GameShareBuddy wanted to go back on it like we did on the XBOX 360, so ended up buying it again for the XBOX One, we both have the One X, no worries, we can both play it but I am unable to play it Online, whereas he is able to.

We have both completed the prologue, so therefore Online should be available, it's not that I want to transfer my character back from the PS4, I realise that's a one time thing and I still want to use that character on the PS4 online anyway as occasionally we will fire it up (and that works online no issues still).

So I am not sure why I cant play GTAV on my Xbox One X but my GSB can? I get the message "Your Profile Does Not Have Permission" error in the Online tab in the game settings.

I have a Rockstar account, I have both XBOX and Playstation linked accounts, I can play both XBOX and Playstation versions of RDR II Online independently also.

So is it because of the Xbox 360 character transfer I did all those years ago that stops me being able to play it online on the Xbox One version?

There is talk on the net that if this happens you can delete your profile on the console and re-set it up and that can fix it but I don't really want to do this in case something else goes wrong and it ends up not fixing it anyway!?

Anyone any ideas what the issue could be?


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Looks like I’ve sorted this as I had something similar with FH4, for some reason my Xbox one profile has Mutliplayer Online as Block, to my knowledge I’ve not changed anything.

Checked on the actual XB1 console and this shows as Allow, so I’m confused, if I try to change it on the web online settings, it stays as Block.

Anyway this morning I’ve managed to connect to FH4 servers and play online, I then tried GTA V and straight away I was able to load up into the Online version.

Very strange, just hope it doesn’t revert back at some point.

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