gta shuts your psp down when booting with faSTLOADER


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Tried It 3 Times Each Time Screen Goes Blank Then Switches Off The Psp Ooooohh Dear I Wont Be Buying,anyone Else Tried A Diff Method


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GTA doesn't work with any loaders at the minute. You HAVE to be running the genuine 2.0 firmware, and run the game from the UMD.


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Update to 2.0. Play GTA. Downgrade to 1.5.

Hardly rocket science.


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Just Dont Buy It

Hardly Rocket Science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It did crash for me yesterday when I was about to enter a car, I reset it and it was fine.

And I didn't even use Fastloader


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Lorenzini said:
What is Fastloader, and why is this an issue? :confused:
Fastloader and UMD Emulator 0.8c allows you to run play games such as Virtua Tennis, without having to upgrade your firmware. They also allow you to change to speed of the CPU to its maximum 333Mhz. The main issue Sony have is that it allows people with 1.5 firmware to play "downloaded games".

It's been reported that the video cut scenes in GTA use AVC which is not possible with the 1.5 firmware

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