GTA IV Complete Strategy Guide Maps Cheats Codes


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Feb 29, 2008
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This might be of some use, if you need more fun out of the game or abit of help.................

I have included 2 links here -
the first link is for a PDF format of the Stragegy guide with maps and cheats...
the 2nd link is for the original stragegy guid book with nice and clean scans very impressive plus maps also the rar file has 2 parts one section for the original guide book and the 2nd is a helpful guid with pinpoint of where all the pigeon are...

link -

getting problems trying to upload the saves but should be up soon....
the cheats are for the xbox360 but so havent had time to check with the ps3 but might work...........:rolleyes:
tried afew 2day and all seem to work with ps3 and xbox360
Careful you don't screw up your game saves with these cheats.

Wasn't that a problem with the earlier GTA games?
about game play it wont screw it up but every time you use a cheat it will go down as a cheat was used to finish the level so you might lose abit of points......

best make a 2nd save so you can mess about with the cheats while roaming.....
and leave the first save for cheat free level finishings............
I finish it near enough so have some decent game saves no cheats used full points for each section,
if anyone would want them let me know and i'll upload them..............
might help out if you have got a corupt save or had to format ur ps3............
having problems putting up the game save so will try it tomorrow now...
Just got an email from Game saying you can use the code 'gtaguide' to get the official guide for £9.99 delivered.

I know it's a whole one pound cheaper from Play, but if you have Game reward points to redeem this may help.
You don't wanna be buying that fifty, the info in the guide is free all over the net.

p.s. get some work done

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