GTA Freezing Related to PS3 Hardware


Well, it seems very apparent now that the GTA IV freezing issue is more likely to be down to hardware rather than simply software fixable.

There are threads like these popping up all over the web. Sony have began replacing PS3s of those effected regardless of warranty.

To quote..

OK... Well, I just got off of the phone with Sony Support on this issue...

FYI - Emailing support does nothing, YOU MUST CALL the 800 number and sit on the phone for a while.

Once I got through the near infinite question hit number sequence and was able to talk to a human, it was obvious that he had the entire GTA IV issue documented and ready.

He asked the following and in this order...

Does it freeze during online play or offline?
Does it freeze during the opening cut scene?
Do my other games movies experience any of these issues?
What's the Serial and Model Number?
What's the mfr date (Nov 2006 for me)

Once these answers are done, he read an "Official" apology from Sony for the issue.

Then he asked if I by chance still had my reciept! Nope...

He then stated that "For a limited and one time only act of good will" they would replace my PS3 free of charge... Yada Yada Yada...

Said they would send me a package to return the PS3, and that it would take from 10 to 14 business day's from the date they recieve my PS3 for me to get my replacement, which would have a 90 day warranty on it.

So... Hardware Issue... Yes
Exposed only by GTA IV... Probably
Existed at manufacturing time... Yes
Will Sony Replace... Yes, but you have to call them with the issue... Email won't work, and they certainly will not call you.


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I dunno if it is hardware related. :confused: I have a launch day 60GB console and sure enough my GTA IV locked up straight after the first cut scene finished... as soon as you get control of Roman's cab to drive back to the apartment. I tried 3 times and 3 times the game locked up and froze in the same place. I tried one of the ideas from many that was offered from Rockstar which was to clear my web browser cache (I cleared all stored web data not just the cache). Hey Presto my copy of GTA IV worked and has been working ever since, not had any lock-up issues (or any issues) and I've been playing for a couple of weeks now.

Go figure? :rolleyes:

I just hope I haven't hexxed myself saying that the issues haven't re-occurred. :oops: :lease:



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I have a US 60GB and i've only played GTA for about 7 hours but in that time the game has run without fault.

Seems strange that it's not affecting everyone.


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My launch 60gb console froze up a few times but I quickly found out that it only happened when I was logged into the psn so when I wanted to play the story mode, all I did was stay offline and I never experienced any freezing (so far)

Digital Tench

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Sounds possible...however, there's so much console fanboyism that I'd have to see a statement from R* or Sony to believe!

To the comments are not aimed at you bud..just posting my general thoughts on console "news" :smashin:


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Sound like rubbish, I had problems with GTA freezing so I disabled the PSN. Once the patch was released I reenable PSN and downloaded it, since then I have had no problems what so ever, online play as well as story mode.

Matt TRD

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Mine has been fine since the patch and prior to that I just had to disconnect from the web to stop loading issues.

I have a launch US 60 Gig PS3.

Though I swapped the HD to a WD Scorpio 320 Gig last month.


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I have a 60gb UK PS3 and my GTA:IV hasn't ever missed a beat. :thumbsup:


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Launch day 60Gb UK PS3 here, no problem whatsoever with GTA4.

I highly doubt that GTA4 is exposing a hardware flaw that no other PS3 game has, and has remained dormant since launch. A lot of people worship R* to almost God-like status, but they've not suddenly unlocked hidden PS3 hardware :rotfl:

Doctor Hades

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I've been playing the PS3 version of GTA IV for almost 50 hours now with no freezing issues at all. My machine is a 60 GB HDD launch model from March last year (the one with four USB ports, etc.), although it now has a 320 GB Western Digital Scorpio HDD fitted. The only issue I had was the one time when the game wouldn't load past the Loading - <Mission Text> screen but I understand that was related to PSN not the game and, sure enough, it was fine the next day when I played it and has been since even before I installed the patch.


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Mine has never frozen on my 60GB launch console. :)


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I've got a 60GB launch day US PS3 and the only time I've had a problem with GTA IV freezing was the first weekend when they were having problems with their servers, other than that it's been fine.


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Same here, had a couple of problems (I think in the first week) when I couldnt get past the initial loading screen...but read on here just to disconnect internet connection, and everything went fine afterwards. reconnected my internet the day after with fingers crossed and everything has been perfect since then with no other problems what so ever! :)

P.S Also have a launch day 60gig.


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I have a 60gig UK PS3 bought in July 2007 and had absolutely no problems so far. I have only played offline though (about 45%) so fingers crossed that when I do go online I will be ok then too.


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I've got a launch UK 60gb and had no probolems with GTAIV - with and without the new patch!! :thumbsup: ALSO I was able to stay online all the time and have had no issuse!!:clap:

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