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While allowing a few friends IPs on the firewall to play multiplayer I noticed when I go online GTA4 is connecting to IP, interesting that a dshield lookup shows the customer name is IGN entertainment (10/10 my arse). Anyone else noticed this kinda traffic on multiplayer???

UPDATE: None of my other games are doing this, only GTA4. The games itself seems to use alot of ports 622XX to connect to other peers, UDP traffic to myspace/ign through some of these (but not the main game ports) and blocking myspace/ign hasnt seemed to have any effect on connection/multiplayer.


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Is not IGN connected to Gamespy in someway? I think Gamespy is hosting the GTA servers for the PS3-version of the game. Can that be it?


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cheers guys, starting to make sense.

FIM (fox) own myspace, IGN and gamespy (along with one or two others). GTA use gamespy, that happens to fall under one of its parent companies IP addresses.


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IGN (10/10) would have had to PAY for the PES2008 advert (Konami hadle their own networking).

IGN (10/10) will most likely be GETTING PAID for handling networking in GTA4.

It should bring into question IGN game ratings for gamespy network games over those non-gamespy games: IGN/GTA4 conflict of interest.

@ Ignorant Gibbers: If you dont have anything interesting to add - dont bother.


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Does a rating from a site such as ign (who's editorial stance is already widely criticised) really matter that much?

Read another site/magazine if it bothers you!


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I don't actually read many reviews at all... After working in the industry I found out ALOT are not genuine, with studios/mags getting some freebies around review time.

I do feel rating sites/reviews/magazines shouldnt have conflicts of interests with games, because... you do get unfair reviews. This is not good for gamers...

Quite a big deal was made of a small IGN advert in PES2008, but bring up the same (if not bigger) with GTA...

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