GTA 4 Killed my 360 (May have been a coincidence! :))


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On Tuesday my copy of GTA 4 arrived, so when I got home from work I fired the 360 up. To cut to the chase, GTA must have crashed about 6 times. And I mean completely locking up the 360, no guide or anything. So after resetting it for the 6th time, the 360 animation when you first turn it on hung. This happened a couple of times, then it red ringed :rolleyes:

Ok I thought, i'll wait until tomorrow and see if it's any better. I get home from work and it's still showing the red rings. So I ring MS. I'd taken the 360 off my TV stand to get the serial number, and when I spoke to the woman on the phone she asked me to plug it back in and tell her what colour the light is on the power supply. So I plugged it back in, turned it on, and it booted up fine and signed into Xbox live, everything! :suicide:

So on the face of it, it seems fixed. However, when I try to play GTA 4, or quite a few other games (not all unfortunately) the 360 crashes.

I created this thread to ask, will they repair it if i'm not getting the red rings anymore?

I got the console in November 2006, and the MS support site says my warranty is valid until 20 December 2008. I just don't know how to prove that it keeps crashing!

Thanks for any help/suggestions! :smashin:


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It seems to be happening alot, not just the 360, PS3 as well. Not sure if it is the code, or some major bugs, but it seems something is amiss.

It could be everyone suddenly pounding the consoles with the game, but recently games have been causing issues. Assassins Creed had a bad case of the crashies.

To answer your question, try to make the console crash as much as you can, don't let it rest, RRoD it, then wait for it to start and do it again. After a few attempts it should be permanent. That is what I did, and after about 3 tries with undertow and 4 times times with PGR4(game that killed mine) it RRoD for good.

If you say GTA caused it, or may have caused it, that would be the game to try.


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Thanks for your help! Think i'll give this a go, and run it into the ground so to speak.

Funnily enough, when trying a few different games out last night, PGR4 was 1 of 2 that worked! The other being Rainbow Six Vegas 2. All my other games crashed within a few minutes.

I know the fact that it has red ringed now has affected my other games, so should only be a matter of time before I see it again. Will be on GTA 4 all night tonight!

Thanks again :thumbsup:

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