GT5 and 3d


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I'm looking to get the Philips 40" 9705 – mainly for GT5 to play in 3D.

Can anyone report:

i. If the PS3 and Philips are now compatible for 3D since the latest PS3 update?

ii. What the impressions are (seem to be very varied reports on other TVs from excellent to excrement!), so I'd really appreciate some feedback on the 9705.



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I have a JVC X3 projector and am trying to run Grand Turismo 5 in 3D with no luck. I have set-up the display through the PS3. When I go to the hardware section of GT5, I found the 3DTV menu option however I am unable to select this feature. It seems the projector is not set-up to display the 3D? It works fine when I play a 3D film. Can someone advise?????

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