GT5 Academy

Dubai 24 :)

Register First At,

Stage One: – 2nd June 2008 for seven weeks
The first phase of GT Academy will take place online with a giant Gran Turismo 5 Prologue tournament on PLAYSTATION®Network. The competition will run for seven weeks and to enter, players must register their PLAYSTATION Network sign in ID on The next time they play GT5 Prologue online they will be able to race in the GT Academy Time Trial where they will compete to be the fastest around the Eiger Nordwand track in a Nissan Fairlady 350Z.

Stage Two: National Final - July 2008
The fastest 20 drivers in each country will be invited to a national final to compete head to head on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The three fastest drivers from the final will win a seat at the…

Stage Three: GT Academy at Silverstone - 25 August 2008
The virtual gives way to tarmac as the fastest three drivers from each country travel to Silverstone, the home of British motor racing, to take part in the GT Academy - a real-life driving competition on the track itself. Competitors will not only have to prove their driving skills in a Nissan GT-R but will also be tested for their mental and physical skills in a series of tests.

The two fastest drivers from Silverstone then have the chance to enter a four month training programme to earn their racing licenses and take part in a real life race in a fully race prepared Nissan 350Z at the 24 Hour endurance event in Dubai in January 2009.

Industry leaders PlayStation and Nissan have come together to create the ultimate competitive driving test – GT Academy. GT Academy is an eight-month European competition which combines virtual and real-life racing to make the wildest dreams of two aspiring race drivers come true. More information, leaderboards and in-game video will be added to this site over the next few weeks so keep coming back for more.
Starting at the end of May, a series of online races will be held to determine the two most competitive players. The two winners will receive four months of real-world racing school instruction.

Got to practice for this, how great would that be winning and been able to take part in the real thing, WOW. :thumbsup:
And so it begins!
Now I know a few AVF member that are capable of coming in the top 20.:D
Bad news for me, if I did some how manage to get through I'm on holiday until the 29th August.:rolleyes::(
Will try to get to the national final. :)


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That sounds cool, :D

are they giving us a one off car for this, or is standard spec
This might also be a new car that needs downloading on the 2nd June as the official car list does not list it in the same way.

Also judging by what the event is it would probably be a race car with all the logos.

Nissan Fairlady 350Z
This is the car that you have to use.

Nissan Fairlady Z Version S '07
Concept by GT Gran Turismo 350Z RS

But these are the only cars that are available in GT5P ?


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Some people are saying this is only open to the US. :rolleyes: :confused:
they do stuff like that with forza 2 all the time.

I'm interested in any TT but i've got too many family commitments to tootle off to dubai. (not that i've got a snowball in hells chance anyway :))
they do stuff like that with forza 2 all the time.

I'm interested in any TT but i've got too many family commitments to tootle off to dubai. (not that i've got a snowball in hells chance anyway :))
It's Europe only.
It will be good to do the first round to see if you can get in the top 20 for the UK. :)


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Anyone registered yet then, if so how you do it?

All I see is "Registration coming soon: Watch this space for more." Bummer :D


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CurlyPutz, I've signed up on the web site, it looks like the registration bit will start on or shortly before the 2nd June, when the whole thing kicks off. It will be interesting to see how many AVF members can get in the top 20:thumbsup:


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Top right of the page where it says 'sign up'
Yeah I thought that a few days ago but don't think it's for the Academy though dude, does not ask for you PSN tag for starters which the article states is required so they can enable the new track TT option in the online events list.
Or so they can see how old some players are after all they wont want 12 year old kids playing winning as they wont be able to drive the real cars. :rotfl:


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Totally off topic but the girl waving to the camera in the video of silverstone is actually my girlfriend. Fancy seein her on here :smashin:


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i did sign up the other day, but no email yet, cant check ps3 kids watching lazy town :(

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