GS2 losing internet connection (3g)

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by True Romance, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Have searched but couldn't find anything but tbh wasn't sure what to searh for so if this has been discussed already I'm sorry.


    I have tried to find a solution to the following problem on the net but am stuck, so perhaps someone has an idea here:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 It runs ICS 4.0.4 on the Three network.

    The problem that I encountered is that data connection keeps dropping out randomly, as far as I can tell when the reception switches between G3, H and H+. The phone actually shows that there is a data connection (e.g. H next to the little bars showing strong reception but only get the green arrow blinking), but websites, email, BBC News etc. all stop working, i.e. I do not have an internet connection. Sometimes the data connection springs back to life automatically and I have internet again, for a few minutes, for several tens of minutes, but not reliably. Sometimes I need to reboot or play the old flight mode switch on/off trick, which can take a few minutes to disconnect or reconnect.

    I checked that the APN settings are correct. had this phone for over two years and its never missed a beat but over the last 2-3 weeks the internet connection as started to drop out after just a few seconds. I'm ready to throw the damn thing up the wall at the moment :mad:

    Two other guys at work are having simlar issues and they are on differnt networks?

    Please help....

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