Grundig XENTIA 32 LXW 82-7410 TOP - ZOOM function



I have a LCD from a subject for couple of weeks. It works quite fine, except one thing - the ZOOM function. This function should widen the 4:3 picture horizontaly and - to keep the aspect ratio and geometry - sholud cut (or crop) it symmetricaly at the top and at the bottom.
Unfortunately - it cuts (crops) the picture only at the bottom, which is unusable, because usually there are some subtitles in the lower part of the screen and they are gone.
So, let me give an example: if the traditional 4:3 tv station plays an 16:9 movie, adding the black borders at top and bottom - on my beautiful, expensive LCD TV I use only approx. 57% of a screen!! :(
And I cannot use the zoom function becasue I'll lost the subtitles...
Is there any technical menu or a firmware update to fix this problem?
Any help would be good.
Regards from Poland (forgive my English)


Hi Yarp,

I have the same TV and the same problem :(
This must be a "BUG" because the user's manual clearly states that the ZOOM must crop the top and the bottom of the picture ...
I tried to use more button combinations on the remote but nothing changed (I thought maybe it is possible to switch between several ZOOM modes). I also could not find any update from Grundig regarding this problem.

I tried to contact the Grundig support as well but this is a crap ... I think we need to live with this problem of the TV (I doubt that there will be firmware upgrade for this because I never seen such for TVs and I'm not sure if this is possible via the DVI port at all). The only solution can be to let the TV repair by Grundig, I'm not going for this because the local service want to send the TV back to Germany (they can not fix it here) ... crazy ...

Related to my other problem mentioned in the thread I think the problem is with the DVD player and not with the TV. Be aware that 720p or 1080i capable player may produce the signal in 50Hz or 60Hz ... our TV can not understand the 50Hz type. Try to test the DVD player with your TV first if you will look to buy one upscaling capable player in the future.



Hi Szabolcs,
I went to the Grundig hadquarters todays morning. I tested both 26" and 32" Grundig Xentia TVs with a guy from Grundig. 26" worked perfectly, 32" worked exactly like mine - I mean wrong.
The guy told me he was really supprised seeing this! And he adviced me to call Central Service. Which I did ;)
The Managing Director (a lady) agreed with me and said that upon a warranty I can bring it back to the shop and get money back...
Now I'm in a real trouble - because I get used to it, I like this TV and I'm affraid I can't afford any other (=more expensive) model/brand.
I'll let you know how the story ends ;)

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