Grundig subtitle problems?


Death By Saints

I've just stumbled here by chance (looking for DVD bargains) and thought you may be able to solve my problem.
I have a Sky digibox with a subtitling problem:
Grundig 2.55 version number 4E0503
O/S Version 12S4F1
EPG 3.2.11 (I have no idea what I'm writing but thought it might help) :)

Sometimes the subtitles will not appear and I have to turn the box off for 5 minutes. They always come back when rebooting but it's happening more often now, nearly daily.
My question is can I do anything to stop this?
If not, which is the best box to replace it with. (I've heard that some Panasonic ones are pretty good)
P.S. I'm assuming I can't go for Sky+ unless I relocate my other box?
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