Grundig CUC4510 Dead


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I got a Grunding CUC4510 dead. There is also a squeling noise coming from the board. I tried to change the electrolytics in the power supply but the set remained dead and with the same squealing noise. Anyone has got an idea what could be faulty? :lease:

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Could be a number of things. Have a look through some faults listed here. A few may be related to your specific model.


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thanks for your help but couldn't find anything that could actually help me, but I kept that site for future reference cos it's quite interesting.

I tested the set without the line output transistor and without the transistor in place and set swithed on I found 163Volts on the middle 'leg' while with the transistor in place the voltage dropped down to around 6 Volts. Do you think its the EHT transformer that went faulty?


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It is almost certain that the line output transistor (easily checked on ohms)or the line output transformer is short circuit.By isolating them from the main HT proves this.Best replacing both of them for reliability.

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