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Having had my fifth sky engineer round to replace my broken PACE box, he replaced it with a "new" Grundig one. The only problem is that the RGB connection to my DVD does not work, it basically shows the Red and blue colours round the wrong way. When I told the sky engineer that he just said well I got the satellite to work and left!
After complaining to sky they said not their problem as this is not a fault with the Grundig box!

Anybody else had this problem!!



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If the RGB scart connection between the Grundig and the TV works ok then it isn't SKY's fault, however.....

If the problem occurs when you pass the digibox RGB through a DVD player and then onto the TV it would seem to indicate a scart cable that is incorrectly wired or the actual pin arrangment is incorrect on one of the DVD player scart sockets.
If you are feeding the RGB DVD output into the digibox (VCR) scart and then out via the (TV) scart then that should work ok. If it doesn't then double check that both the DVD and Digibox output RGB and can feed your TV directly and is then displayed correctly.
That way you will KNOW that the digibox is getting a RGB feed from the DVD player and somewhere between the input (VCR) scart and the output (TV) scart the RGB signal is being degraded.
I would then email Grundig and ask them to confirm that your model of digibox supports RGB passthrough and if so then get in touch with SKY once again.


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Thanks for the reply, if I attach the DVD straight to the TV the RGB connection works with no problems, also worked when I used my last box, a PACE model.
I will e-mail Grundig, Sky are coming out again on Monday to fix this and other problems!!!!

Thanks anyway



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just make up one scart lead with the red and blue wires swapped round on either end of the scart lead but not both.

this sorts it out ;)


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Not sure from your post whether you are passing the DVD through the Digibox or vice versa, but I had the same problem with RGB loopthrough DVD ---> Grundig Digibox ------> TV. There was a similar post on one of the newsgroups a month or so back (search on Google groups) so definitely seems to be a problem with the Grundig. I gave up and used a spare scart socket for the DVD using S-video instead of RGB.

.....or you could swap the wires as suggested.


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I am running the DVD through the Grundig box into the TV, and funnily enough the sky engineer recommended going down to Maplins to have scart cable made up with the pins the other way round!!!!
For once a helpful sky engineer......actually out of the six engineers I have had only one had a serious attitude!!


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