Grover Huffman cables (Silver Reference, Ultimate Reference)

Out of curiosity....are you in any way connected with the seller of these?
Aren't these just the silver ribbon cables al la Wright stuff?, if so they aren't exactly new, was playing with stuff like this in the early 90s. Difficult to make properly though....competent cable

edit super dooper changes, patent pending etc, haven't heard these exact ones, they must be better :) Well liked by some.
I am not aware of any link with ribbon cables in the 90's, all I do know is after twenty years of being on the cable carousel with mainly Kimber and VdH these are the best I have ever tried, and all from the hands of one man and his Californian 'cottage industry' - just something I wanted to share.
but it is the pleated ribbons stuff?
I started with his latest offering the UR (Ultimate Reference) i/c 0.5m to put between my Arcam CD72T and Primare A20 mk II.

I then thought about speaker cables, so I got a used pair of his previous model SR (Silver Reference) to put on the above system.

Then I decided to try an SR i/c for my secondary system at the other end of the country, not much used, but wanted some of the "Grover" flavour.

All of the above have given welcome improvements.

Grover welcomes any questions you may have via the 'contact us' button at the very bottom of the page I posted. However he has been flooded with orders and is having a rest 'til the first week of Sep. I believe. I think he still operates a money back guarantee.

Shipping rates are generally $10, and the prices of the cables are greatly in favour of us in the U.K. given the outstanding £-$ rate at present.

As I said before, I am not a salesman for Grover, I just want to share such an improvement in sound.

I urge you to read the text and try one, although there may be a 2 month wait time.

several friends keep mentioning them and the predigree is good but I am still stuggling to see how they are different from what I played with years ago. Didn't this guy used to be in business with someone else? Wolf?
Apparently he and Wolf created the Empress cables of which I know nothing. They parted and do their respective things, although I understand Grover operates a more realistic price structure without compromising quality.
I could'nt say how they compare with those you had previously, I was interested by the comparisons in the real world by Hoffman forum members a lot richer than I and the revered cables the Grovers were up against in tests.
I know one thing - I'll never go back to Kimber.
Interesting stuff and one to watch.....

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