Ground Loop problems with Panny 32PD30


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Hi Guy's, I've had my Panny for about Six weeks now and I have been following the above thread of all the experiences of everyone with their Pannies and i felt that i too had a fault because i can see two vertical black bars on either side of the screen, these are particulary noticeable on very light or green backgrounds.Initally i throught that it was a fault and of course the online trader did not want to know.But after doing some research i have come to the conclusion that it is a ground loop problem.I've had a 50 mhz buzz thruogh the speakers that was cured by a ntl engineer placing an atenuator on the cable box but the bars remain.My kit consists of a NTL Digital Pace box,Pioneer 717, Tivo, Panny video and Sony receiver.Does anyone know of whats the best way of sorting the problem?Is there any kit that i can buy that could sort it?Do i really have to tear everything apart in an attempt to find the cause?Help needed from Dazgwinn.
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