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Ground hum issue with Sony HT-BE1 surround system.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Faar, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Faar


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    Hope I found the right forum for this, there's so many to choose from! :)

    Anyway, my situation is this:

    Whenever I attach a USB cable from my PC to the USB input on the HT-BE1, there will be a faint but detectable 50Hz hum on the analog sound input of the surround system in some, but not all circumstances.

    Currently, the setup is this:
    PC: Dell Dimension 5000 -> USB to surround system.
    Surround system: HT-BE1 as previously stated.
    TV: Sony MFM-HT75W -> analog in on surround system.

    Both the PC and the TV are grounded and connected to the same power outlet. The surround system doesn't have a grounded power plug, but is also connected to the same power strip as the TV, and hence, same wall outlet too. The sound from the TV is extracted from the unit via the headphones outlet on the side and goes to the surround system via a small 3.5mm to phono plug adapter and a good-quality stereo cable.

    Previously, I used the analog in on the surround system to attach to a Nintendo Gamecube. I had NO issue with ground hum then.

    So what's the big deal here? What can I do about this problem without having to disconnect the PC's USB cable? Part of the reason I got this surround system is because it has the USB input option.

    Any tips or help greatly appreciated, thank you...

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