Grizzly: Le Monstre De La Foret Blu-ray Review

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This was not a camping accident!

With the recent news that such out-and-out genre classics from seventies would be getting dusted-down for a hi-def release, I was ecstatic to discover that some of my own personal favourites were amongst their number. Titles like The Car, whose UK DVD I reviewed a few years back, and Jeff Lieberman's wriggly horror, Squirm, I wondered if William Girdler's Jaws-with-paws monster-bear flick, Grizzly, would ever come prowling down from the high country to take a bite out of the Blu.

Well, his 1976 classic nature-rampage comes to US Blu later in the year from Scorpion, alongside with his other eco-thriller-chiller, Day of the Animals ... but, beating them to the campsite BBQ, comes this 1080i bare-bones region B release from France. I know I should perhaps have waited for the American disc because that will possibly mimic the terrific extra features found on...

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Distinguished Member
Nice review, Almost ordered this last week along with The Dark Half which has just been released in France too.

Tempted again now, Hired this countless times from ye olde Video Shop when I was a wee one.

Hardly a classic but I'll be looking to add it soon purely for nostalgia factor :smashin:


Distinguished Member
In the proper ratio as well = must buy :)

One of may (many) guilty pleasures. I saw it at the cinema when I was a kid. Loved it.


Well-known Member
Lol! This looks awesome!! I think I'll wait for the US 1080p (I'm assuming?) version... easier to flog on to high-def purists innit! :D


Standard Member
Happy memories indeed.Saw it twice as a teenager on a double bill with Drive-in.Ah the good old days of the exploitation double-header:D


Distinguished Member
I saw Drive-In as well. Must have been the same double bill :)

I remember the van, I think it was called The Widow Maker :laugh:

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