Grinding Noise

AVF Jazzy Geoff

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Got my 360 last April..its started making a grinding noise just before the console shuts down..anyone else experienced this..really annoying.


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Hard to tell, record it and post the mp3 :thumbsup:

Could be the optical drive slowing down and coming to a slightly quicker stop than expected or a bearing on a fan getting tired - has your 360 had a hard life? :D


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more than likely its the sound of the optical drive,dropping,and then drilling through the cpu/gpu...:D :D :D


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I think I have what you're experiencing.

MY DVD drive did it on my last console (grinding noise) and found it to be scratching my discs, I got it replaced.

This new console, which I've had since August makes a weird grinding noise also; it sounds like the fans starting up when the console is turned on. For some reason the fans sound louder and more iratic on the dashboard than the fans do when I'm watching a DVD movie.

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