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Hi all,

With all the fuss about the grindhouse movie I thought I would have a trawl through the movies that formed the original genre which has been a lot of fun actually.

I thought I would post a couple of the articles I have used to order about 35 grindhouse DVDs (mix or R1 and R2 discs) over the last couple of weeks. About 15 of them have already arrived with more by the day.

A few of the titles I have ordered are:

Lightning Swords of Death
The Great Slience
Hanzo the Razor
Toys are not for Children
Barbed Wire Dolls
Night Train Murders
The Candy Snatchers
Shock Corridor
Slaughter of the Vampires
18 Jade Claws of Shaolin
Five fingers of death
The big bird cage
Dark habits
The Street Fighter Trilogy
The Beyond
City of the living dead
Death Race 2000

I could go on. For some time.

Want to add any genre classics for my shopping list?


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You want to speak to pooch about this he is da man when it comes to these movies.

He has already helped me out a great deal with my venture into this sort of movie...infact my similair thread is located here & may be of some use to you:

Anyway I currently have:

Blood Feast 2
2000 Maniacs
Blood Feast
Gore Gore Girls
Wizard of Gore
I Spit on Your Grave
Tombs of Blind Dead
House by the Cemetary
Thriller: A Cruel Picture
2001 Maniacs
Bloodsucking Freaks

I'v only watched a few of them so far but my DVD Pacific wishlist is getting longer by the day ;)

Be warned it's a VERY slippery slope that once you start on it's very difficult to get off & other movies just dont seem the same :devil: :devil:



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