Grey screen in practise - a real difference?


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Hey guys,

Have decided to buy my fist projector, a Benq W2000. I'll be watching mostly movies (some xbox and ofcourse 3D) in my living room at night, so with no ambient light but all my walls are painted white.

My question is, how much of a difference does it make to use a gray screen like this one instead of just projecting to my white wall. As I have read, the blacks gets better and the light doesn't reflects so much to the other walls (my room is 3m wide and the picture size will be 2.7m) so all the walls are pretty close. I do understand a grey screen is better but how much better is it? Worth paying those 150€? Will it improve the picture significantly or just make it a little better?

Oh, and another question if I may. Ill have the projector ceiling mounted from about 3m to the wall to get 120" picture. Will a 20cm from ceiling bracket like this do the job just fine or do I need something longer like this to do a better job of getting projector closer to the center?

Tnx for the help,


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