Grey screen - how much of a compromise?


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Everything i've read about high contrast screens sounds great - better blacks with whites just as bright. I understand that colours aren't quite as vivid, but really have little clue how by how much. Many reviews seem to touch on the importance of accurate skin tone and colours yet rarely seem to factor in the affect of the screen used.

Am I right in thinking that these levels of accuracy can still be achieved with a grey screen - or are duller colours an accepted compromise for better blacks?

If there was no draw back I guess everyone would be using high contrast screens, no?


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I have no experience in this as of yet, so im sure someone will correct me if im wrong but, have a read of this thread:

There are pictures in there showing the differences between white and grey screens. If anything the grey colours look better because of their enhanced black levels (eg, not washed out by excessive light).

Anyway, can't you alter the colour settings on the projector to make up for any perceived lack of colour?


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Cheers for the link - plenty to keep me busy there :)

As for altering colour settings, i've never had a projector and don't really know.

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