Grey Album



Has anyone heard this? From what I understand, someone called 'DJ Mighty Mouse' mixed Jay-Z's 'Black Album' with the Beatles 'White Album', and came up with a Grey Album.

Unfortunately, the record companies won't let him release it, for various copyright reasons.

It's available, on t'internet, and I quite like it. Kind of interesting. Not the greatest album ever produced, but definitely worth a listen.
Really cant stand Jayz's voice ..but I had a listen last niht to a few tracks ....kinda liked it
His voice is defintiely the weak link! The mixing is pretty interesting, though.

Forget the 'bannedness' of it and it's pretty dull, AFAIAC. All of the musical bits are courtesy Mr. Lennon and his ex-mate and are mostly ruined.

You can find various tracks from this on most p2p's - allegedly.

Some of the tracks are quite good.

If you have heard 'Q' mixes then you'll like it.
Wasn't it DangerMouse?

There was a radio interview with him this week, they played a couple - didn't do it for me.

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