Green Video output on Sagem Axium HD-45F


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Hi guys. I am having some trouble setting up my Brother's Sagem Axium HD-45F for Component DVD output. The screen is connected to a Philips LX8300SA surround sound system that has component and progressive scan. When selecting the 'YUV' option under the DVD player menu, the picture would turn green and so far we haven't been able to correct this. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of settings issue but I can't think what else it might be. It plays fine through RGB.

I am about to connect another DVD player which supports component purely to ensure the Component ports on the TV are working OK. The TV is only a few days old. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.




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swap the Pr and Pb wires around


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Sorry, that made no difference. I'm 99.9% convinced my TV is causing the problem. Got it from Currys who sent a technician round today but he knew as much about TVs as I do about Greek Mythology. Their technical support told me that if the problem couldn't be fixed then they would either send me a refund or give me a TV of the same value. This is no use as there are no other TVs of this size for that price. The sales guy told me if the TV didn't work, then they would replace it with a newer model as the HD-D45F is now defunct. Can anyone inform me of my rights?

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As you've already been advised, if the set is not repairable then you are entitled to either a refund or an alternative. The choice is yours to make. If you do not want a replacement, then insist on the refund.

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