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Green Trail/phosphor lag/comet trails on LG W2252TQ LCD Help!!!

Discussion in 'Computer Peripherals & Consumables' started by Kelorian, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Kelorian

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    Oct 19, 2008
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    Hi, excuse my english not a native speaker.

    I recently bought a W2252 LG LCD monitor and I notice the green trails when playing CS Source and other fast paced games.

    It is not everywhere, I noticed these happen in dark locations. Most of the time it is a green trail but there are plain transparent ones too.

    I read this article:
    What's That Green Trail On My Plasma?

    There is a video in it too.
    However it says it only happens in Plasma TVs, not in LCD monitors.

    Before I found that article I was trying different names for the problem and found another forum with 2 users having the same issue. One user posted that he returned the monitor and got one without the problem, however i don't know how bad it was in his monitor.

    Is this normal for LCD monitors? Should I try to return mine?

    Here the quote:

    "Ah ha! someone who had the same problem as me.Same model monitor but different gfx card..........I had those terrible green textures.I took screenshots and videos with fraps.but lo and behold the textures were fine on the re-run.i was amazed so i then videoed the ingame footage using a camera so as to capture it...I have had a lot of problems with the LG model in question.It went back 3 times before i got one that was built to spec of didnt have the green textures.To answer your question m8.it isnt your gfx card.i have an nvidia 8800GTX myself.it is the actual monitor and yes you could have 2 monitors with the same problem especially if they come from the same batch..I would video these textures using a camera burn them to disc and return the monitor and the disc to the shop demonstrating the problem and you should get your money back or a replacement monitor..Just to say that my LF L226WTQ works fine ...I now have a good one with excellent picture quality but im afraid that in my experience its a bit of a potluck with this model.LG need to up their quality control on some of their monitors!! I hope this helps.'


    "I bought the HD 2900 first and had green textures in the games and
    videos. Espacially if the things are
    fast moving. In Example the edges getting green! I changed the card
    and now I have the HD 3870 but
    the problem is still there."
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008

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