Green trail in B&W content


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I have a 75 inch Hisense H8G tv. I have noticed a green trail that follows things moving from one side of the screen to the other in black and white films, like a car, someone walking, etc. The green also appears on things that are still while the camera is moving. So a field of bushes where the camera moves from left to right has the the green on the left edge of the bushes.

Here are my current settings. They're the same for SDR and HDR modes:

Enhanced Viewing Modes: Disabled

Automatic Light Sensor: Disabled

Backlight: 100

Picture Mode: Theater Night

Contrast, Brightness, and Color: 50

Tint: 0

Sharpness: 0

Local Dimming: Medium

Color Temperature: Low

Noise Reduction/Digital Noise Reduction: Off

Motion Enhancement/Clearness: Off

HDMI 2.0 Format: Enhanced

Active Contrast: Off

Having Active Contrast off makes color content look good but B&W content has the terrible green trails/streaking mentioned above. With AC turned to High, it's not nearly as noticeable for B&W content, but anything in color makes faces, hair, and skin look too washed out or bright with a loss of detail, like people are pale/sick. I've only noticed the green when watching B&W content, like a movie on Blu-ray. I use my Xbox One X, running through my AVR to my TV. When gaming in 4K, I leave Game Mode turned Off. Watching my 4K UHD disc of The Elephant Man, I only noticed the green a little.

Any help or advice on how to get the green to go away is greatly appreciated!


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Hisense tvs generally have greenish white balance, enter the white balance settings of your tv, set green in - 1 or - 2 and see if have any result

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