Green tinge when using progressive on PTAE300



Im having a problem with progressive scan on my Panasonic AE300. When connecting my chipped xbox via an official hi-def pack using either PAL or NTSC im getting an overly green image. Reds look like browns! I was orriginaly using a gamester hi-def pack, but suffered ghosting and the green tinge. I posted about this in the console section, and was advised to get the official pack.

My question I suppose is has anyone else had the same problems, not neccaserily with a xbox, but progressive on the panasonic and green soaked image in generall. Could I have a faulty projector?

All other connections are fine, but the xbox is the only progressive enabled device I have so cant test anything else.


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you could just increase red contrast or brightness, or back green off. the PJ should remember setting for both prog and interlaced modes


PS reduces whiteness hence colours look more saturated and blacks appear blacker, calibrate with Avia etc and hopefully all will look fine again, alternatively do as gandley has suggested!


Ive tried the user settings which allow for varying red brightness and contrast, but they make very little difference. As i say, its so bad reds look brown. Ill have to try the dvd playback and some other stuff, but I seem to recall that they were fine, its just the games.

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