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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by theo cupier, Jan 9, 2005.

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    I'm connecting my Tosh SD220 DVD player to my Beko nr28426nds TV via scart.

    When using what appears to be the only RGB slot on my Vivanco SBX 95 DEC 4-input scart switcher. The picture, whilst crisp and sharp, has a decidedly green tinge to it all the time.

    It looks fine when put through one of the other (probably non-RGB) scart sockets on the switcher (AV3 or 4).

    I'm definitely using the RGB scart on the TV (AV1)!

    The sky box picture looks fine through the switcher's AV3 or 4 - not tried this through AV1

    Does anyone know what the likely causes of this might be? My initial thoughts are:

    1. The Tosh's scart output can be configured between video, s-video and RGB and I've not set the Scart output to RGB.

    2. The Vivanco box is knackered. Not impossible since the AV2 connection is well and truly dead - hence I am using AV3 for my sky box and AV4 for the DVD

    Before I go and buy a new scart switcher (or try and dig out the tosh manual from the loft) does anyone know what the problem is likely to be?

    Thanks in advance


    PS Mods - apologies if this belongs in the DVD players forum or elsewhere but it seemed a good place to start here.

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