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Green Screen !!! on component (Barco 801s)



Hey People,

I need a little help!!!

I have a Barco 801s Graphics, connected to a IScan HD+ Video Scaler. I have connected my Avel linkplayer (which plays .ts HD movie files and has 480p/720p1080i output) connected to the scaler. The Avel link player is connected from Japanese D4 connector to component input on IScan HD+.

Now the problem !!!

If I leave the output of the palyer on 480p, I get a picture on source 5, as soon as I change the output to 720p or 1080i, I get no picture on source 5 and get a picture on source 4 but all washed out in green. If I connect my XBOX via component to the IScan HD+ the same thing happens (picture on 480p, but green washed on 720p/1080i settings). If I use a component to vga convertor, will this solve my problem, or am doing something wrong ? I also read something about "sync on green"? does this have anything to do with it, or am I looking in the wrong direction ?



:lease: HELP!!!

Mad Mr H

Prominent Member
Direct quote.

The DVDO iScan™ HD+ is a high resolution video scaling processor and A/V switcher that sets a new standard for upconverting, cross-converting and even downconverting all your video sources. Whether it's your VCR outputting 480i, your DVD player at 480p, or your Set-top-box at 720p or 1080i, the iScan™ HD+ will scale the output to perfectly match the optimum resolution of your display - 720p, 1080i, or any user-defined resolution up to 1080p. It is HDCP compliant over DVI, and also accepts your legacy 480i/480p analog sources. The iScan HD+ functions as your complete A/V hub, providing simultaneous audio/video switching with automatic video upconversion/processing.

I am not sure but does this mean it will only do 480i/p on the 15 pin d type ananlog output? it is worded as an input but mentions it in the output section

The "sync" setting needs to be set to H&V on the HD+
It also need to be a -ve sync pulse on input 5 as well

for your info

a vga style system uses the following

RGB H V - where H&V are seperate sync pulses
RGsB - where the H&V sync are combined and sent on the G signal
RGB S - where H&V sync are combined BUT sent on a seperate signal

You should try and use input 3 (not 5) that is setup better for vga style signals.

You should also be very careful about trying to run that unit at its highest resolution....

Old psu's will struggle, you loose brightness, must make sure the Rasters are setup correctly or you will loose quality not gain it.

I have a BG801s here but use it on HTPC

I hope that is of some help to you.

I have a DVDO ultra here not the HD+ so cant check 100%.


What kind of cable are you using between the IScan HD+ and the projector?
You must use either BNC4, BNC5 (RGBHV) or Port3 if I'm not mistaken. Don't think BG801s supports component directly? Definately not higher than 576p?


Hey Guys,

Thanks for the replies,

I am using a vga to BNC5(RGBHV) from Iscan to PJ.

I need to be able to utilise component sources such as XBOX, dvd player etc, so that I can watch on big screen.

IScan accepts component, but does not send right signal for PJ, hence "green screen".

What is the solution? Please advise!!!

Barcoing Mad

Prominent Member
With respect to the BG801s - component signals aren't valid inputs and it looks as if the iScan is outputting a component signal. BG801 will happily sync to RGBHV 720p and 1080i at 50Hz. Port 3 is best bet for non fussy sync polarity.

Can you interrogate the iScan as to which format it's outputting?


Thanks for the help!

I've managed to solve the problem, by using a component to vga transcoder, and inputting it through the vga passthrough on th Iscan




Standard Member
Glad you solved it.
The problem as you figured out is that the Iscan HD cannot do anything with HD signals. Except just pass them thru. No transkoding or anything. Makes one wonder why they call it "HD/HD+"


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