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I've had Sky Q installed with a Silver box in the living room to the tv and a mini box in a room at the back of the house feeding a Sony projector.

These two separate systems have been working fine for weeks.

Just recently the mini box has caused problems. It now displays a green screen, still with the picture visible but lacking all the correct colours (except green !)

If I change the settings of the box to 576 everything is as it should be except for the fact it's in SD with black bars to the left and right. Change back to any HD resolution and it's green screen time.

It's been suggested that it's an EDID problem and I've tried, and returned, a number of products designed to resolve this issue. I'm inclined to think that this is the case as very occasionally when I switch everything on, it's all perfect and as it should be until I change channel and during the moment when the picture is off the screen it appears to lose the signal and hey presto, green screen again.

As you can imagine I have tried all manner of HDMI cable.

Does anyone have any thoughts?




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Had a very similar issue with my enigma 2 box in my bedroom tv. Only it was red a red screen.
I tried a different STB on it and the same issue persisted.

The TV had been in the Gargage for a few weeks. I can only assume some form of damage had occurred to the Video processing section of the main board on the TV.

I replaced the TV. Job done

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SKY Q Mini - have you taken it to a different Display device to confirm it is working as required?

SKY Q Mini > Projector - when you toggle channels and the image goes green go into the HDMI Input settings on the Projector and confirm the Projector is in RGB mode (if it has the option to toggle between RGB and YPbPr).


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