green pixel, is it dead or dust



i have an ae300 with a green pixel which shows up in the middle of the screen,it is noticeable sometimes but when your eyes home in on it you keep looking for it.i have done the screen tests in the service bit e.g the grey screen and also the red, green and blue screens, i cant see it at all when doing this but when you go back to normal watching it shows isnt blotchy or a blob but looks completely square. any ideas??

also on another note the picture i get from a dvd is quite noisy, iam using a jvc tha75r dvd player, rgb scart out to a keene component convertor, i have done some setting adjustments from reading some other threads there something else to do or is the picture never going to be that great.

if it is pixel size, it must be your pizel, dust would be noticeably bigger. Ive previously had a pixel which only shows up under certain circumstances, i think this is just something that can happen. A pixel can just be a bit sick, doesnt necessarily need to be dead!

IIRC, Panasonic regard one stuck green pixel on the AE300 as unacceptable. If you are still in warranty, you might want to consider getting it serviced.
except that it isnt exactly stuck..... its only sticky.....

has anyone else found the picture to be noisy,and i also see this chicken wire effect, this is my first ever projector so i might not be setting it up right to get the best out of it.
how close do you sit? chickenwire is basically a result of sitting too close, simple fact of life.

depends on size of image, the bigger is like sitting closer. i woudnt sit any closer than 12ft for a 85-100ins image
were you assuming to be watching an sdtv picture and working purely on the pixel spacing and 20/20 vision, you in theory should see pixel structure at seven times the screen height...... alot further than you are sitting. Of course this is on a very good projector so almost all projectors you will encounter will have fudge factors which mean you can sit alot closer.
the size of the image is 69" iam about 9' away.iam watching it on a white textured wall as waiting for the screen to be delivered.
i watch from about 9 feet from a 6 foot image and i cant see any screen door. That said my eyesight is poor which helps me out.

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