Green patch on AE100


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Aug 22, 2002
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Portsmouth, England
Just got my new AE100 and noticed that when projecting
black / near black images, there is a visible green
circle near the bottom left corner of the image.
It doesn't seem to be anything that is on the lense -
anyone else had a similar problem or have an idea
of what could be causing this?

if its bigger than a pixel its probably dust its usuall very easy to remove, just take the lid off the pj careful not to chew the screw heads, buy a can of liquid air from a camera shop tilt the pj on its side you must keep the canned air uprite so no liquid comes out and just spray around the optical block and this should remove the dust.

if you dont want to do it yourself contact panasonic service centre & they will do it for you
Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try.

I've tried holding a white piece of paper, approx 10cm
from the lense and the green blob is now a very
bright green area, it looks like 4 or 5 pixels... Is this
a dead/stuck pixel problem?
it sounds like dust or something on the green panel the easy way to check is put the menu of the pj on and adjust the focus of the pj and watch the green blob as you adjust the focus if it comes into focus at the same time as the letters on the menu its not something on the pannel but if its dust it will be in focus but the project image is not in focus if you get what i mean.
Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Just tried it and when the green blob is in focus the
menu is not. When the menu is in focus the green
patch is out of focus
definately something on the panel should be easy to remove if its dust.

I have the same problem. Only just happened.
I have also put it down to a spec of dust, I will follow your advice Chic and blast it with a can of air.
I don't notice it that much, mainly on dark shots.


yep just make sure you keep the can upright so you dont spray liquid on the panels
I have the same problem, but mine is blue. It's down on the left, about the size of a tennisball, and only noticeable on dark scenes. I'll go out and boy some pressurized air right now.
I know this thread is nearly finished but could I ask a couple of questions.

1: If Panasonic remove the dust, am I correct in assuming the projector would have to be sent back?

2: I am notoriously bad at taking things apart. Is it really very simple to do? I can imagine getting rid of the dust but leaving something worse in its place:rolleyes:

3: Would it not cause a warranty problem if I remove the top of thr projector?

Many thanks in advance:)
you do have to send it away it takes less than a week panasonic may argue that its not a waranty repair though

its very easy to do just undo the screws at the bottom of the projector and the lid come straight off turn the unit on its side and spray the canned air around the optical block just dont invert the can of air or you will spray liquid its a no no

as long as you are carefull and dont chew the screw heads panasonic wont be able to tell if you have opened up the unit

check here it discusses this a picture is also shown of the panny opened up if you see the 3 gold ribbons they are the connectors for the 3 panels you are looking to spray the air int where each of the 3 ribbons go ie in the gaps thats where the panel is.

i have did it and its simple to do but if you open it you do so at your own risk:D
Thanks for all the advice.

I took the plunge and opened the old girl up (noticed also
the manufacturing date of June 2002 - which means there
is a good chance it will go POP any time now!!)

Saw what I believed to be where the panels where and
just sprayed some of the air (being VERY careful to
keep the can steady and upright) into it, all 3 blocks
for about 3 seconds each

Put it all back together (careful to not overtighten
the screws) and hey presto, the green blob has

Thanks again for all your help

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