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I feel embarrassed already!

I have a load of family movies copied onto DVD and want to further edit them on the PC. I do not have the original tape footage as that is with my parents many miles away.

Is there some software out there that will allow me to edit pre-recorded DVDs rather than the more normal editing via a VCR or a Camera?

If so, can someone please tell me what is the best price /features ratio software available for me to edit DVDs on the PC.

Also. Will I need to buy any more "Gubbins" to do this?

I am very keen to start editing if its possible, but cant seem to find any info on the net - its all geared to editing from a video camera or a vcr.

Try software such as Ulead Studio 9 or Pinnacle Studio 9. Both can edit footage from unprotected i.e. non copyrighted DVD's and then put back onto DVD with menus and chapters (if required).

You can download trial versions of both software applications from the manufacturers web site before you buy.

Note however that editing from MPEGII encoded video will lead to a slight reduction in quality due to the re-encoding of the footage. Editing precision is also reduced due to the way MPEGII encodes video and throws away alternate frames to save space so you may not be able to make frame acurate edits like you could from captured AVI content direct from a camcorder.
.....or even movie factory 4 ( theyve moved on..); £29 .
I believe Pinnacle Studio 10 is on its way and is probably worth waiting for as it promises to be better behaved than ver 9 which can certainly do what you want.
DVD video files ( "disguised" as vob to retain compatibility for the dvd standard) are mpeg2 files which have been compressed from the original video file ,usually a DV AVI.
This compression is normally very efficient such that any loss in quality is visually almost imperceptible but file size for 1 hr at full quality goes from 13g to less than 4.7 to fit onto a DVD disc. It will however become noticable when you need to edit the mpeg file and reencode back to mpeg after editing.
Get the original tapes if possible or be willing to accept the drop in quality. Also not all encoding software or parameters result in satisfactory mpegs2 , if for instance the original encoding was just so so, a reencoding may do liittle justice to the original recording
senu said:
...I believe Pinnacle Studio 10 is on its way and is probably worth waiting for as it promises to be better behaved than ver 9 which can certainly do what you want.

We've heard that for every previous version.
vonhosen said:
We've heard that for every previous version.

Pinnacles Studios GUI and easy workflow are really unbeatable, Its instability in many (but not ALL) systems is well known and perhaps bordering on simply unusable in some systems (incidentally works well in mine but i dont nessesarily endorse it) :nono: . If version 10 is based on Liquid (Editions) engine surely we can hope :eek:
At least LE does not share its siblings bad reputation .
I find uleads videostudio interface clunky and Premiere Elements too similar to Premiere for an absolute beginer to easily get at ease with. I dont know if sony vegas accepts mpegs
I was just thinking of an easy to use software which can uncompress, allow you to edit and then reencode an mpeg. such as STENDEC would need to edit from his dvds
Not tried it with Premiere elements ( of which version 2 is now out and may be capable of doing it)
Vegas Movie Studio 6 will import MPEG2 files (according to the specification sheet).

I'm afraid I'm another person who takes promise's of a more stable version of Pinnacle Studio with a pinch of salt having spent so much money in the past upgrading, before finally coming to my senses and buying a product that works!

I actually use the full version of Vegas, but have tested out Vegas Movie Studio and it's definitely as friendly as Pinnacle, but with the added benefit of stability. It's worth downloading a trial copy here:-

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