Question Green dust on plasma screen after cleaning with micro-fiber towel


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Hello everyone I'm new here, my name is Max.
I have Panasonic plasma HDTV model TH-65PF10WK, it has around 10 years of great working TV.
Last week, like many times i took a screen cleaner for LCD,Plasma's and etc.. which i bought on amazon and then my screen after a few moments showed some weird green dust and it is very hard to remove it as close to impossiable.
Can you tell what is going on and if there's a fix for this? I really love this TV and this never happen.

Pictures of the fault attached to the thread, thanks for anyone who helps!
by the way. it is still possible to view picture and its fine, but still annoying to see the dust when TV is off....



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It can't be fixed.
If it was me I would rub it all off as it would be better looking than the way it is at the moment.


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Never use anything but plain water on a specific For Glass cleaning cloth, E- Cloths for Glass are brilliant, buy 2 use one wringed out to clean and the second to buff, though that screen is finished now, you may as well get all the anti reflective coating off now completely, Never Use any chemicals on screen's, no matter how mild they claim to be.

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