Great picture improvement


I recently bought a Toshiba 510 DVD player to go with my Panny AE100 and what an improvement over my previous s-video only player.

Has anyone else got this combination and if so, what further improvements are possible:confused:


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What was the previous player?

How are you connecting the 510?

Good to see that you can get big improvements without breaking the bank! ;) nice one


It was the Pioneer 444, connected via a Keene electronics Sterling Gold S-Vidoe cable.

The picture quality from that was great, but as it was my first projector, I had nothing to compare it to.

I am now using component leads and I assume progressive scan (on NTSC) and the picture looks much smoother:)

I am hoping for another improvement when my proper screen arrives.


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I guess this is a clear example of prog scan reducing the "jaggies" on the scan lines. Have you tried a PAL disk to see how much of the improvement (you think) is down to the prog scan and how much due to component signal and the player.

I expect the most significant is the prog scan (which sadly is only on ntsc on the tosh i think)
I haven't tried a PAL disc yet, but I intend to do some more scientific testing next week.

Most of my favourite movies are NTSC, my PAL collection is mainly sale items, that I bought to watch just once or twice.

My component cables are also Keene Electronics Sterling Gold so that should make it an even comparison.


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I also have the 510 and the Ae100, connected via componant.
I find region 2 dvd's very good picture quality, even though they are not in progressive scan, but i find region 1 in progressive very good, more film like, not just removing jaggies.

As for improvements, dont just get your room dark, it also needs to have low reflective walls, i recently redecorated my room, magnolia ceiling and darker wallpaper, this certainly improved the contrast on my setup.


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Originally posted by mcmullanbrush
Thanks Tim:)

I have pictures and a mirror which cause reflections, I will start taking them down.

Luckily my screen comes down over a large mirror, as for pictures, i now have less up after decorating, another option is to replace the glass in your pictures with low reflective glass, normally available from local glass retailers.
Better still, try a darker wall paper, not to dark though, you dont want to make the room look to grim.


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LOL :D :D :D
Seriously though Tim, thanks very much.

I had been told the Tosh would give me better results but I didnt expect this much:D

I am also feeling much more confident about the Pannys reliability.

I have also spotted a stuck pixel, but as I can only see it when standing 12inches from the screen it doesnt really bother me.


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i have the tosh 510 & the panny & i am very happy with it i purchased the hoya fld filter today and this improves the picture again it inproves the blacks & minimises the banding its still there but not as noticable

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