Great New MCE PC Remote - X-media Trackit with trackball



Hi guys anyone needing an MCE remote for their pc should look no further than X-media's new RF TrackiT. No more IR woes or cluncky receiver.
I purchased one from Telford Media a few days ago and im amazed just how great it is. This is the best remote i've tried and boy have i tried a few ( all chucked in the drawer after giving up on them ) True optical mouse support at last that you can actually use without giving up and throwing the remote away. They also do a great keyboard that matches which looks great for my setup very similiar to the accurutus model but looks better with the black trackball and loads cheaper too - bargain

Check it out and see what you think before they all go - i know they were taking orders like theres no tomorrow for these things



How did this remote work out for you? Looking at buying one, what OS etc did you use with it?
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