Great Customer Service from Logitech


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Just wanted to tell you all about great customer service I received from Logitech.

My Harmony 555 developed a minor fault, still within the 2 year warranty.

I emailed Logitech and they suggested a software manipulation, which failed.
So they offered me a replacement.

They suggested a Harmony 600 as 555 is no longer manufactured. Unfortunately the 600 will not control my 7 devices. As a result Logitech offered the 700 which does support up to 8 devices.

If was very straight forward, with no dispute from Logitech.

Wonderful Customer Service. :D


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If you do a search of the Forums you will see that many people have had the same great service as yourself from Logitech. Personally, when I started having problems with my 895 not charging properly, they replaced it with a Harmony One - I just wish other companies would take note.

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