Gray Wolf II or Beamax?


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I was just about to go for a GWII when some posters mentioned potential problems with hot spots and narrow viewing angles.

I intend to get a 106" screen and will be sat 3.8m away.
This will give an angle from the center line to the edges of the screen of about 17 degrees.

Is this too much of an angle for the GWII?
Will those sat say 1 metre from the center line, approximately perpendicular to the edges of the screen, still be able to view it or will the image be too dark?
I'm very concerned that under optimum conditions the GWII may well be superb but anything less than that and it won't be much good at all.

The other option is a Beamax but as it only has a gain of 1, it may not be suitable for our apartment due to the amount of ambient light.

Can any GWII owners comment on the hot spot and viewing angle issues?



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Sorry i'm not one of the more technical people on this forum, and have never seen the Gray Beamax.

From my GW2 experience; i havent seen hot-spotting. This may ocour with higher powered PJs, but in the 1000-800 ANSI range seems fine. Sitting perpendicular to the screen edges i believe is fine, i'll have to doublecheck next i fire it up.


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Thanks iZed.

As I didn't get any answers to most of my questions on screens, I've weighed up all the pros and cons of the various types and gains and I've actually gone for the GWII.

If it does turn out to be too bright with the SP7210, I'll just get a filter to tone it down a bit.


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anibap said:

How is your Graywolf viewing going?
It's going great.

I've just calibrated the PJ for reference black and WTW and currently got it hooked up to the DVD player via HDMI and Sky+ via S-Video.

Colour, contrast & brightness are all excellent.
The screen is even bright enough to watch with the lights on.

Sparklies are evident during light scenes but that's a consequence of the glass beads.
As is the grainy texture.

Can't really see an issue with hotspots or narrow viewing angles.
Yes, brightness does drop off slightly away from the prime position but certainly not to the extent that some posters would have you believe.

Overall, a big thumbs up from me.

I posted a couple of screenshots in this thread (this was prior to calibrating the black and white levels):
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